No more losing track of your towel.

The Gym Bib® is designed to stay comfortably and conveniently around your neck while you sweat. No more carrying your towel, using your shirt, or wiping your face with a dirty towel that's touching equipment, floors, etc.

Wear your towel, don't carry it.

The Gym Bib®

The Gym Bib®

Let’s not kid ourselves, gyms are some of the grossest places on... 

The Gym Bib® 2.0

The Gym Bib® 2.0

This upgraded fabric (aka the 2.0) is 45% Coolcore fiber and  55% bamboo charcoal,... 

Why a Gym Bib®?

  • The perfect mountain biking accessory

    "My husband isn’t really into going to the gym but rather being in the great outdoors. The Gym Bib has been absolutely perfect for mountain biking!! Grinding up those huge hills and nothing worse than sweat dripping into your eyes. The convenience of the Gym Bib has been great. It is low profile, convenient and light weight. He is planning on buying these for his biking friends for Christmas".

    –Colby, Amazon review

  • The perfect gym towel

    "Great idea, and definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that" type products. I'm notorious for constantly forgetting and misplacing my gym towel, but with the GymBib, it's always right there when I need it. It's super absorbent, especially for how light weight it is, and it dries quickly".

    –Brian Smith, Amazon review

  • This cooling towel is my new favorite gym accessory

    "This cooling towel is perfect for intense workouts. It’s lightweight, but absorbs moisture with the perfect thickness needed".

    –Rusty Toney, Amazon review

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