The Story

The story of Gym Bib® began with Natalie Zellers, a graphic designer, mother, and budding entrepreneur based in Florida, in 2019. Struggling with the inconvenience of her towel slipping off her indoor cycle and resorting to her shirt to mop up sweat, she envisioned a sweat towel that could be comfortably draped around the neck, remaining with the user at all times. Gym Bib® is not only a US patented product, but it's the only wearable sweat towel available. It's versatile, perfect for a range of sweat-inducing activities from weight training, Crossfit, running, tennis, pickleball, cycling, golf, group fitness, paddle boarding, kayaking, gardening, outdoor work, to even culinary pursuits. Furthermore, its multifunctionality extends beyond being a sweat towel; it proves beneficial for special needs individuals and the elderly, making the Gym Bib® truly unmatched.


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